Young man turned to drug dealing after mum kicked him out for using cannabis

A “sick to death” mum kicked her son out because he was smoking too much cannabis – only for him to become a drug dealer and be jailed.

Mahyar Ghadri, 21, ignored an ultimatum from his mum to stop smoking the Class B drug, and was thrown out onto the street.

Ghadri was “unable to support himself” and turned to drug dealing to fund his habit, which led to his arrest in December 2019, Manchester Evening News reports.

Bolton Crown Court heard Ghadri was arrested after police spotted him leaving a “suspicious” van parked just outside Wigan town centre.

When he was searched, officers found four tubs containing just over 12g of heroin packaged into 106 knotted wraps; 3.66g of cocaine in 40 wraps; and around 10g of cannabis.

It was estimated the value of the drugs was around £1,400. Around £1,700 in cash was found by cops after his house was searched.

Ghadri, from Wigan, had three mobile phones containing messages relating to drug dealing, such as quantities and locations, Robert Smith, prosecuting, said.

When interviewed by police, the dealer made “full and frank admissions” about supplying drugs under instructions, the court heard.

Ghadri was jailed at Bolton Crown Court
(Image: MEN Media)

He claimed he did it to “fund his own cannabis habit”, it was said.

Mark Ferguson, defending, said Ghadri made…

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