Benefits Of CBD For Dogs

In recent studies, CBD has become a popular way to deal with various conditions such as arthritis, seizures, anxiety, cancer, chronic pain, and many more. Although the subject is still under research, there has been substantial evidence to support the fact that CBD works for numerous conditions.


CBD for pets is a good way to treat inflammatory conditions such as arthritis because it is an anti-inflammatory drug. It has been shown to reduce inflammation for arthritis conditions considerably.

Osteoarthritis is a condition that causes inflammation in dogs, and the pain that comes with this can be reduced by CBD. Statistics show that one in every four dogs will experience arthritis(osteoarthritis) in their lifetime. The degree of severity differs with different breeds. When administered daily and in the right dosage, CBD can help ease the symptoms of this disease.

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Pain Relief

If a dog suffers from pain due to conditions such as IVDD(intervertebral disc disease), CBD oil could also be helpful to ease that pain. Since it has anti-inflammatory qualities, it can also be helpful to alleviate pain.

There has been some research that shows better results when products with both CBD and THC are used, rather than when CBD products are used by themselves. However, these studies have not been conducted on dogs and hence it could be risky to give your dog THC products.

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The studies for CBD to ease seizures have only been conducted in people so far, but no pets have been included in the research. Dogs get seizures due to some conditions.

One of the conditions that cause seizures in dogs is idiopathic epilepsy. Initial research has shown that CBD could be very useful in helping to ease seizures for dogs with this condition, but only when administered with traditional medications for anti-seizures.


This term refers to a variety of specific diseases that all manifest their symptoms. CBD can help with these conditions although the benefits depend on the treatment options available for the specific type of cancer.

The studies conducted on CBD benefits for people with cancer show that there is an advantage to taking CBD for people with tumors. Additionally, it is used to reduce secondary symptoms of chemo in cancer patients. There is, however, very little research on CBD benefits for dogs with cancer.

The studies carried out on rats showed that CBD does indeed help with nausea for patients with chemotherapy, so researchers are comfortable that the same results could be seen in dogs.


There is a serious misconception that CBD can help in reducing a dog’s anxiety. Although it may be useful in reducing inflammation, there is no substantial evidence that shows it works for anxiety.

The reason behind this is that CBD is not psychoactive hence it is not highly likely that it can treat or reduce anxiety in canines, unlike medications such as Prozac.

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