Cancard to Provide Cannabis Med Card to U.K. Patients

As of this week, those with certain health conditions in the U.K. will be able to apply for Cancard, a cannabis card that will make sure patients don’t get arrested for having cannabis medicine on their person.

The idea is to make sure that no one who needs cannabis medicinally has to be worried about the law, even if their medical card is expired. Those behind the card estimate that over 1 million people could be eligible for the card by 2021.

Currently, qualified conditions range from anxiety, nausea from chemotherapy, appetite loss, depression, pain, ADHD, and even gastrointestinal issues like Crohn’s disease and neurological problems like cerebral palsy. So far, the card has been approved by the Police Federation, the National Police Chiefs Council, the Police Foundation, and the Drug Expert Witness Board.

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