Governor releases report for marijuana legalization


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Governor Ralph Northam released his administration’s report on the impact of legalizing adult-use marijuana in the Commonwealth of Virginia Monday, Nov. 1.

“We will advance new laws to make sure that our Commonwealth legalizes marijuana the right way,” stated Northam in his press release. “Virginia has studied the experience of other states and this report lays out a path forward that leads with social equity, public health and public safety.”

The Report to the Virginia General Assembly and Governor of Virginia is the final product submitted by the Virginia Marijuana Legalization Work Group, which consists of health care professionals, community leaders, policy experts and government officials.

This comprehensive report was mandated as part of the legislation passed by the General Assembly earlier this year that decriminalized marijuana possession.

This100-plus page report outlines various aspects of marijuana legalization in Virginia including taxation, criminal justice, banking, licensing as well as regulations and public safety.

It also provides details on the following five key principles that Governor Northam wants to see in any marijuana legalization bill.

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