Smoking Weed for the First Time? Tips & What to Expect

What Smoking Weed for the First Time Feels Like

Again, among othereffects expect to feel a sudden “rush” for your first time smoking weed, almost something akin to a tingling feeling in the cheeks, eyes, and top of the head. You’ll likely experience a bit of initial dizziness and a sensation of warmth spreading through-out your torso. It’s ok at this point to take a moment and re-center yourself; close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let yourself adjust to the new sensations you’re feeling. Remember that this is just what happens when you smoke weed.

You’re then likely to notice a cloudiness to your thoughts, often referred to as “brain fog” – Thoughts can feel hard to process, and being forced to perform complicated mental exercises can feel difficult or draining. Your reaction times will also likely be slowed, as getting high makes it easy to both get lost in and subsequently lose a train of thought.

Things To Do for Your First Time

Getting high can make simple tasks more enjoyable, by providing a mental and physical distraction to unpleasant work or menial labor; weed can do a lot to help to alleviate boredom and make things that aren’t fun more entertaining. But it can be both easier and more difficult to focus on mentally engaging tasks while high.

If you find a task particularly enjoyable (reading, watching your favorite TV show) it can be easy to “zone out” and become hyper-focused on the task, to the point of losing track of time. If it’s a mental task you don’t want to do (studying, preparing your taxes), it can be hard to concentrate and force yourself to focus.

In general anything that provides a pleasurable stimulus, mentally or physically, becomes more enjoyable while high. Eating food, laughing at your favorite show, listening to music, having sex – These are all things that are enhanced while on cannabis, and are good things to experiment when you smoke weed for the first time. If wanting to know “what should I do when I get high?” the answer is “Whatever you enjoy doing while you’re sober”.

What Happens When You Stop Having Fun

Make sure to keep in mind that not all aspects of your first time smoking weed may be so entertaining; common bad side effects of cannabis use can include things such as anxiety or paranoia. The mental effects of cannabis combined with it’s physical effects can also leave some people feeling off-kilter and panicked, leading to a rush of both emotion and physical sensation.

Common symptoms, such as rapid heart beat, can lead to panic attacks, with many a first time weed smoker convinced they’re about to have a heart attack instead. Deep, focused breathing and trying to enter a relaxed state will often help alleviate these sensations, hopefully letting you return to enjoying your altered state shortly thereafter. Otherwise, in a pinch, there are methods you can try to help sober up from weed quickly.

Coming Down

Particularly if it’s your first time trying to smoke weed the come down period of getting high can last quite a bit longer than being high itself – This usually comes with a somewhat “glowy”, happier feeling, often lasting several hours after the initial smoke.

Reaction time and attention span will also stay decreased after the initial buzz has faded, though not to the same extent, and you may find yourself tired or wanting to take a nap; these sensations should go away after three to six hours after smoking, but a good night’s sleep is typically the best way to make yourself feel completely refreshed after you get high.

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