Does anyone else see sitcom-like characters and scenes in their head while they are high off weed?

So, sometimes when I’d get high, I’d occasionally see a vision in my head. It would be, admittedly, an extremely cringy scene featuring what seems to be sitcom-like characters. An example would be I’d see something occur like a cat knocks over a vase, and then the sitcom family all laughs and jokes and starts dancing with their arms around their shoulders with music playing in the background. It would be a very surreal scene, but it’s frequent and it’s always the same general vibe. Something wholesome/exciting happens and then a family starts dancing or laughing in a surreal way. I wouldn’t particularly enjoy it, nor would I hate it, it was just.. there. I had no control over what happened in the scene, it would just play out however it did and vanish after around 10 seconds or so.

For the longest time, I just thought this was something only I had experienced. But, I was talking to my cousin about this and he felt the exact same way, where he’d likewise see extremely cringy/happy scenes in his head with characters that only could be described in a sitcom-esque manner. I was looking it up and couldn’t find anything on it, how come me and my cousin both experience this very strange vision when high off of weed? Have others felt anything similar?

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