Here’s How to Identify Good-Quality CBD Manufacturers

By now, you’ve probably come across a thousand CBD oil products in almost every market category. CBD oil products, just like any other product out there in the market, require learning about it and knowing their benefits, side effects, and techniques for proper use.

As a consumer, it’s your right to acquire information about the products you use and consume before purchasing.

In the CBD industry, keep in mind that the trade is largely unregulated. There are new brands and new merchants every other day, promising you the best of the best. This means there will be scam companies and manufacturers trying to sell anything and everything labeled with CBD. How can you set them apart? Which manufacturers are reliable?

Until the FDA releases a regulation for the CBD industry, these products are in a gray area. The best CBD manufacturers are hard to find, but a little research on your part goes a long way, and we’re here to help. The most important steps in finding a CBD manufacturer that’s good includes:

  • Identifying if they are GMP-certified
  • They are trustworthy.
  • They produce good-quality products with quality assurance.

Checking certifications – Is the manufacturer certified?

Never take a gamble on any product you purchase, especially if it’s something you need to consume. The same rule applies to CBD products. Partnering with a manufacturing company with the appropriate credentials means that you value your business, and you value your customers.

The most important certification that a CBD manufacturer should have is the GMP Certification. GMP Certification (Good Manufacturing Processes) is given to manufacturers who meet not only the minimum requirements, but also produce consistent quality in every batch of product they produce. The primary purpose of a GMP certification is to prevent harm from happening to the end user. Some of the criteria that certify a manufacturer with this certification are:

  • A clean and hygienic manufacturing plant
  • Processes that are clearly defined, validated, and controlled
  • Good documentation and record practices
  • Trained and knowledgeable operators and employees
  • Consistent compliance
  • Regular checks and maintenance on equipment

Apart from the GMP Certification, here are other certifications you can look out for:

  • GPP Certification (Governance and Professional Practice)
  • ISO Certification (International Organization for Standardization)

Having these licenses and certifications is an essential part of any business. It ensures that the entire system is in pristine condition and has passed the necessary government inspections. It also means that the CBD manufacturers’ products meet the needs of stakeholders, statutory, and regulatory requirements in the CBD industry.

Checking on licenses – What other ways can you ensure quality?

Some manufacturers will also have the COA licensing. The COA or Certificates of Analysis ensure quality for every batch of products that are produced. In the CBD manufacturing industry, this means that each CBD oil batch meets the quality requirements needed.

Common inclusions on COAs are:

  • Phytocannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBDa, CBN, etc.)
  • Terpenes
  • Pesticides
  • Mold
  • Heavy metals

Having the COA license not only certifies that the company is transparent in its processes. It also means that they are consistent in delivering quality products for every batch, and their products contain exactly what it claims. This is an extremely important element to look out for since plenty of CBD products sold currently aren’t labeled correctly, and they also contain/don’t contain the elements mentioned or needed.

Checking on reliability – Is the manufacturer trustworthy?

A business relationship requires reliability and trust. The manufacturer needs to have a detailed understanding of their clients, as well as of the CBD industry. The manufacturing of CBD involves a highly technical process, and it also involves a great deal of competency.

You need to take a closer look at the company in terms of its:

  • Origin
  • The founders
  • The experience
  • Manufacturing methods
  • Business ideologies
  • Their business partners
  • Manufacturing ethics and practices

Connecting with these manufacturers before you do business with them or sign any contract is essential. Speak to them, call them, check out their customer service, and visit their plant if you can. Do what’s necessary, so that you’re assured with the choice of your CBD manufacturer to work with.

Even if you’re just a consumer checking to see if a manufacturer of a product is trustworthy, there’s no harm with calling the manufacturer and checking to see if they are transparent with their processes and information.

Checking on quality – What quality assurance do they provide?

Whether you’re an end user of a CBD product or you’re a business in search of a quality CBD manufacturer to work with, quality assurance is essential on both ends of the network. A business can’t succeed with a product with no quality, because consumers won’t spend money on a product that’s not guaranteed to work or meets the right quality standards.

Here are some things to look out for in CBD manufacturers:

Informed users will want to know where a manufacturer’s hemp is grown or sourced because it contributes to the final quality. Testing is also another essential factor to consider. Testing looks into the cannabinoid content, terpenes, and any heavy metal present in the product. In the end, high-quality testing ensures high-quality products. You’ll know that a company has good-quality measurements in place because they’ll be proud to mention it.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring that a manufacturer adheres to the right practices in manufacturing CBD products isn’t just the responsibility of the brands and companies that work with them. End users have the voice and the right to ensure they get the best-quality CBD, which is why it’s always good to know about certifications, quality, and licenses needed for companies to produce and sell CBD products. A little research will go a long way for both the end user and the company to help narrow down trustworthy partners in the industry. This not only ensures quality products, but it also ensures that the CBD industry isn’t filled with scams and unreliable business. Trustworthy practices ensure stricter quality measures and sustainable success.

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