Pipp Horticulture Announces Revolutionary, Patent-Pending TRAK-FREE™ Carriage System


For Immediate Release

Date: December 2, 2020

For the past several years, Pipp Horticulture’s mission has been to help cultivators across the globe save time and money by creating a more efficient grow facility and help streamline operations. Pipp has not only developed a product line that was purposefully designed to serve the cannabis cultivation market, but they added experienced cultivators and industry experts to their team to continuously improve upon their services and develop products that positively affect canopy output and facility operations.

While focusing on this mission, and in effort to meet a wider range of customer requirements and price points, Pipp engineered their new, patent-pending TRAK-FREE™ Carriage System. The revolutionary advancement of the TRAKFREE ™ Carriage System is the single guide rail along the back of the system, rather than multiple tracks in the walkway. This system not only saves time and money on materials and installation, but also helps cultivators: improve efficiencies of standard operating procedures and safety measures, reduce potential floor impediments, and effortlessly move other necessary equipment like carts, racks and ladders around the grow room.

Contact Pipp Horticulture today to get more information and see if your grow room meets the requirements for their new TRAK-FREE™ Carriage System!



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