Realign’s CBD Pet Oil

Does your family include a furry, scaly, slithery or no hair at all friend? Then we’ve got you covered! With the same endocannobinoid system found in humans, other animals and reptiles have it too. This high potency oil is derived from full spectrum extract but with milligrams (mg) suited for your pet(s). Intended to help combat inflammation, pain, eating and sleep disturbances, anxiety, assisting with brain and nervous system disorders, heart and cardiovascular problems, diabetes, arthritis, cancer and many more.

Each drop of our 500mg Pet oil contains .5mg of CBD.


500mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Hemp Seed Oil


For best shelf life (1 year), realign’s tinctures are recommend to be keept in an upright position, out of direct sunlight and in a stable, cool or room temperture environment. Keeping away from extreme light, heat and moisture is favored.

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