Seattle Hemp Smokers Meet & Greet

Our initial meetup will be a casual meet & greet. Let’s hear about everyone’s experience with and interest in smoking hemp flower. Here are some questions to get the conversation going:

– Have you tried smoking hemp flower before?
– Why are you interested in smoking hemp flower?
– What varieties are your favorite?
– What vendors have you bought from?
– Do you prefer to smoke or vape your flower?
– Have you heard of CBG flower?
– How do you make sure your hemp flower is safe to smoke?

Some things you’ll learn:

– What is smoking hemp and how is it different from smoking marijuana?
– What are some common varieties of smokable hemp flower?
– Where and how is smokable hemp grown?
– What should you watch out for when buying hemp flower?
– Where can you go to learn more about hemp flower?
– Where are some good places to buy hemp flower?
– What’s the difference between CBD and CBG flower?
– How is getting CBD from smoking hemp different from using CBD edibles?

I’ve been in the hemp industry for three years, retailing all three and farming for the last two. I have a lot of experience in how the crop is grown, harvested, and made into products, so feel free to ask me anything. While I do offer a limited selection of smokable hemp products on my website, I’m more than happy to recommend other vendors as well. I suggest folks try a variety of different products to see what they like and to share what they find with the group.

I look forward to meeting everyone and chatting about this wonderful new way to enjoy cannabis!

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