Quitting After 13 Years of Smoking Everyday

Hey Yall. I’m sure this has been posted before but I couldn’t find the subreddit.

I’ve been smoking pot essentially everyday for the past 13 years (since I was 14 years old), and now that I got into a graduate program it’s looking like a habit that I won’t be able to sustain (plus they drug test for clinicals).

I’ve tried to quit many times and have never succeeded. My biggest breaks have been during international trips and even then I usually find a connect.

How does one quit? My ‘last blunt’ was last night- it’s been about 20 hours since I last smoked and man do I want to roll one up. Does it get easier with time? How do you manage the want to smoke? Not even sure what I should be asking but I figured yall pro’s might know a thing or two.

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