The Impact Weedsies Has on Local Businesses in the CBD, Hemp and Cannabis Space

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE/ December 26, 2020 / In recent years, the CBD and Hemp industry has been on the rise, with more people searching for alternatives to their health problems. Seeing how beneficial hemp is, people have been using it to treat their arthritis, asthma, cough, skin problems, and other conditions. However, since the pandemic’s onset has forced several businesses in the industry to close shop, business owners have turned to the digital platform. Owners of CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis products have been seeking the help of Weedsies.

Weedsies is an online marketplace exclusively for the CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis Industry. It was founded by Henry Calix, who noticed the many challenges of the growing industry. He created Weedsies to be the technology platform for the CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis industry in the same way that Amazon has become the platform for online retail. Henry Calix built up Weedsies to be a one-stop-shop for anything CBD, Hemp, or Cannabis-related.

No industry goes without a problem, and the CBD space has always been faced with state and federal laws that prohibit the sales of their products across state lines. Weedsies overcame such a challenge with compliance with each state’s regulation for businesses in the space. They manage to do so by only showing users which products are legal and available within their state. They comply with federal regulations because they don’t promote cross stateliness or showcase products that aren’t sold within any given state. By doing this, Weedsies promotes local businesses in their states.

Another problem that Weedsies has resolved is the payment method for online transactions. They have not only found a solution to the problem, but Weedsies has also become the only online marketplace to bring all products in the industry into a single space. Weedsies facilitates more payment methods than any other online marketplace within the industry as they accommodate purchases through credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and online cash payment.

Vendors that partner with Weedsies can get an experience similar to eBay while users go through an Amazon experience. Weedsies allow vendors to sell their products and get a broader reach to find their target audience. Through Weedsies, vendors are protected and ensured that users can buy their products legally and within their state. The company also gives users the ability to have the industry at their fingertips and be rest assured about their products’ safety. Weedsies vets vendors for state licensing as each state requires along with each product COA.

Weedsies is unique for becoming the go-to platform tailored to solving virtually every problem with the selling of CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis within the United States. They are also the only company that separates state lines according to regulations and implements multiple practical payment methods for the user. Weedsies also facilitates the medical card application form and introduces users to many options out there within their respective states.

Henry Calix is confident that Weedsies is to become a household name in America as they continue to expand. Weedsies is the only online marketplace of its kind in the world, a trailblazer in the CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis industry. Every ten years or so the world sees the birth of a company that changes the way an entire industry operates and how the world does businesses or interacts with that industry. We had Amazon in 1994, Facebook in 2004, Uber in 2009 and given Weedsies’ trajectory we are witnessing history yet again. Henry wants people to see the practicality and ease of access that Weedsies provides its users to have the entire industry on their hands. An Alexa skill is already being beta tested to be available by the start of the new year making Weedsies the first in the CBD, Hemp, Cannabis industry to be on Alexa.

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