Legalize marijuana campaigns in Florida move ahead. But will politicians back recreational pot?

The momentum is building for marijuana legalization across the country. But will Florida leaders join in?

Voters in states as varied as South Dakota, Arizona and New Jersey approved ballot measures legalizing recreational pot in November.

In Florida, though, two separate marijuana initiatives failed to get enough signatures to make the ballot in 2020. Instead, they aimed for 2022.

Both petitions already have faced hostility from state Attorney General Ashley Moody and skepticism from GOP legislators in Tallahassee, who held hearings last year on the potential dangers of pot legalization.

But one of the most prominent supporters of legal marijuana, however, thinks resistance is crumbling on both sides.

“Younger Republicans are already outflanking some [Democrats],” said Orlando attorney John Morgan, who spearheaded the successful medical marijuana initiative in 2016 but is staying out of the fight this time. “They use it regularly and prefer it to booze.”

But he had much higher expectations for the other party.

“Any person who runs for the Democratic nomination [for governor] and doesn’t support full legalization should not run at all,” Morgan said. “It is disqualifying.”

‘They’re lighting up’

Morgan, who personally backed the successful medical marijuana and $15 minimum wage amendments, has said he would be a cheerleader this time around and would back both petition campaigns. [Read more at The Orlando Sentinel]

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