Does it really matter? Help choosing weed to buy

(Sorry for any formatting issues im on mobile)

Hi guys so im in need of advice on which weeds i should buy. I currently have $100 to spend and im looking for the best bang for my buck. Weed will be enjoyed using a one hitter and will be purchased today after work.

I usually smoke street but after having trouble with my plug im turning to dispensary (in chicago if it matters)

I smoke daily if i can, but i only smoke enough to feel it. I want something that will last so i looked at shake more, idk if shake is a bad choice though.

The options are plentiful. 3.5g are around $75-85. Below are the ones i considered purchasing.

Blue dream (shake) 7g. $75. 20.01%thc. 0.12% cbd

Blue dream (flower) 3.5g $75. 20.87% thc. 0.1% cbd

Cherry gorilla (shake) 7g 31.75% thc 100$

Watermelon ice (smalls) 3.5g 17.44% thc 50$

Thanks in advance for any and all advice!

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