Similarities Between the Southwest and Westcoast Cannabis Industry – PVP, A Name to Remember

Cannabis is gaining momentum. States are introducing medical and recreational markets all over the U.S. Most companies only operate in one states, however there are some companies that are reshaping the image of what dispensaries.

Cookies, a company based in California, has dispensaries in six different states, not to mention an international store in Israel. What sets Cookies apart from the competition is their dedication to cultivation by providing quality unique strains. Cookies is also known for their stores with a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. These are two important values that the industry as a whole can learn from. Their mission statement reads, ‘Authenticity and innovative genetics’.

Pecos Valley Production, a company based in Southern New Mexico is also gaining momentum. With ten operating locations and four in progress they are becoming a powerhouse in the state’s medical marijuana program. PVP is centered around the patient experience, with ‘Serving you with compassion and excellence’ as their mission statement.

PVP believes the product specialist role is one of the most important roles in the entire organization. Experiencing a PVP location and seeing the relationships built between patients and employees is refreshing. The company has an educational program available to PVP employees only. It is comprised of five tiers, all things cannabis and is a mandatory program all employees partake in. The purpose of implementing an education program is to better serve demographics. With the amount of data that is comprised around terpenes, cannabinoids, and their interconnectedness continuing, education within the industry, about the industry is a must.

PVP employee, Zachary Navarrette, a product specialist, has said that what he loves about working at PVP is ‘the company’s focus on educating their employees to provide the best customer service for our patients.’ Zachary says the education ‘helps our dispensaries create a safe space for patients to feel comfortable.’

Whether it’s in a medicinal or recreational market there’s a lot of knowledge and PVP is setting the bar the high. PVP also has its own state of the art cultivation center. Unlike some companies, PVP carries a wide selection of products from different manufacturers. Supporting other local dispensaries and giving patients options to the best available medicine, PVP designates different months to spread awareness to different causes. October is breast cancer awareness month and PVP created apparel and donated the proceeds, finding ways to give back and support those who support the brand. PVP recently worked with the Anita Salas Foundation, who assist women in New Mexico with treatment for breast and cervical cancer. Other foundations and charities PVP has worked with include Make-A-Wish New Mexico and Veterans Organizations.

What do companies like Cookies and PVP have in common? Passion and dedication are parallels that can be seen in the way these companies operate. Going the extra mile to increase the overall experience is what it’s all about. When it comes to business, put the patient first and the rest will follow. Cookies puts time and energy into setting the tone for their physical locations and acknowledges this as a contributing factor to their success. PVP believes in the process of establishing positive environments to better customer experience, while trusting their staff to make necessary adjustments within their own branches. Adapting stores to stand on their own is a great way to ground a location in the community. Cookies is noted for their involvement of bringing communities together and has a family like following. Keeping a finger on the pulse in such a way provides a boutique feel that caters to the individual.

Competition isn’t something cannabis companies should be worried about. The need for the industry is larger than ever. Coming together and collaborating in different ways will only help one another. Whether it’s cross breeding genetics or sustainable environmental projects utilizing cannabis, the window of possibilities and opportunities only grows faster. Cannabis has high expectations when it comes to changing common perception. The future is bright, and companies like PVP and Cookies bring promise to an industry with no ceiling in sight. With the state of the world, we need love, understanding, and unity. Cannabis can be one of the many tools used to light the way for the positive reinforcement of these values.

Comparing and contrasting where cannabis companies differ is a valuable way to measure success. The precursor to success is the how you adapt and impact people. Companies like PVP and Cookies only scratch the surface when it comes to the complexity of the cannabis industry but have the ability to set the tone for years to come.

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